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Hail! The Planes, Welsh Millennium Centre, Thursday 10th January 2013

January 10, 2013

Today I totally forgot that I’d planned on seeing Hail! The Planes playing at the lovely Welsh Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay, until my friend Polly reminded me. How could I have forgotten? My plan to get back to averaging at least one gig per week this year wasn’t going too well, having gone the first 9 days without going to one. But what better way to ease my way back into it?

The last time I saw the band was a couple of years ago- I think their old bassist, Lee, had recently left to go to Japan, and I was unsure which way they’d go in or if they’d even carry on, and if they would, whether it would work. I vaguely knew Lee the first time I saw them and was amazed at how they worked so well together- the subtle mastery of their instruments was fantastic- so having not seen the band for so long I wasn’t sure how well it would work as a six piece, but they were brilliant, which isn’t surprising as they’re a bit of a supergroup.


The crowd built up to quite a nice size as the early arrivers for Phantom of the Opera hung around and applauded and in many cases, didn’t really seem to have much clue what was going on.


Anyway, here are some photos…

H!TP -  (4 of 26)

H!TP -  (5 of 26)

H!TP -  (12 of 26)

H!TP -  (14 of 26)

H!TP -  (18 of 26)

H!TP -  (23 of 26)

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