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new website!

June 8, 2016

Okay, I’ve been procrastinating for ages about putting my website out there and  tonight, through procrastinating about something different  (because I have loads of other stuff I need to do and I’m skilled at multiple levels of procrastination) I let down my guard and put a Facebook post up which I was always going to edit to keep getting an unattainable amount of likes. Initially saying I’ll launch my website when I get 5000 likes, then I changed it to something a bit more realistic, and again to a few different numbers and now it’s got a bit out of hand and I just realised various parts of my site aren’t ready!

But what is ready anyway? It’s alway going to be a work in progress.

Now I’ve pretty much  ditched everything in life I’m looking forward to doing a bit more photography work anyway.

And until then, my new website is at

I love how it makes my photos look and how easy it is to navigate and use as a site visitor and in terms of keeping on top of it. I can’t thank Pixelrights enough for making it all so easy.

Anyway… I suppose I’d better just let the website do some talking.


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