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Getting a New Photo Album.

May 22, 2012

No, not that sort of album. Last week (yes I’m a bit delayed with this) saw the release of the new album by The School, an eight piece band from Cardiff signed to Elefant Records.  “Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything” features some dreamy vocals, lovely harmonies and has all sorts of influences from sixties girlpop and indie… well my writing about music isn’t too great, so feel free to listen to them yourself here 

They’re one of my favourite bands from Cardiff so it’s really nice to be asked to take promo photos for them (which I did towards the end of 2011), and then album photos too. We did two photoshoots on two rainy but great days in January and last week was the first time I got to see my photo on the actual  LP sleeve (there’s a beautiful bit of white vinyl inside too!). 

I’m really pleased with it, especially the photo on the inside! It’s the second album cover I’ve had, and while I will always love the first one for many reasons (A. It’s Future of the Left, B. It was my first album cover C. It’s a great album D, It’s Future of the Left…) I’m really pleased with this because of the fact it was an actual photoshoot where we got what we set out to do.

The Future of the Left album was a huge thing for me, but a by-product of me taking photos at one of their gigs in Clwb Ifor Bach. It’s kind of weird looking at that cd cover and making the connection that two of my photos are on what is essentially one of my favourite albums.


The thing I like most about this though, is seeing my photos on Spotify, Amazon,  and in record shops like Spillers, and knowing that we went in with a plan for the School album cover makes it something I’m more proud of. It’s nice when a band you respect thinks enough of you to put you in that position. Let’s hope there are more to come (HELLO DURAN DURAN CAN YOU HEAR ME?) 

Catch them on tour with the Primitives now- there are still a few gigs left.   (The School, that is, not Duran Duran.)


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