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Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday

September 13, 2011

I was going to go for Rollin’ but I’m not a fan of Limp Bizkit- or that song- and the Rawhide theme tune didn’t seem as apt. Not that I’ve really listened to the lyrics of either. Then I remembered this
so that’ll do for me, as this post is about Saturday, and the rollerderby …er… jam.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I’m just stalling writing anything of any substance.

So, Saturday, out for Helia Phoenix’s birthday which involved going to see the Tiger Bay Brawlers in their home bout against the Rainy City Roller Girls at Tal Y Bont/ Cardiff University. I’ve never been to the Roller Derby, despite being in a band previously that used that exact line (give or take a load of words) in one of its songs- I’ve never really had much chance. Since I found out about the new team in Cardiff I wanted to go, but had nobody to go with when they played in Newport a while ago. Little did I know at the time that I had friends who went, the swines. Can’t they mindread?

So it’s all quite exciting and combines most of my favourite things like… y’know… roller derby… and amazing girls who can also skate- otherwise it would probably just be a derby. I’ve never been to Derby. So, I was going there (to the match, not to Derby) with Adam (of Hack/ Flash, We Are Cardiff, Croatoan Design, other stuff) to photograph the sold out bout with no idea what’s going on, but I’ve seen the 1975 James Caan film “Rollerball” which has nothing to do with it, and I picked it up pretty quickly. Sorry, I’m rambling. Here’s some pictures.

So there it was, The Tiger Bay Brawlers beat the Rainy City Roller Girls by 1,000,008 – 87 (I maybe a bit out on that one, I didn’t see the final score) and off we went to the afterparty at O’Neill’s, were I did some sit down dancing and took some photos, then walked home via Dempsey’s and got punched in the face on Newport Road for no other apparent reason than the fact I was there. Thanks, whoever you are. Wooo!

So, erm, when’s the next match?

More photos at:
and some more to come at

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  1. Tiger Bay Brawlers permalink
    September 16, 2011 3:42 pm

    8th October in Newport šŸ™‚

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