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New Year, New Me

January 15, 2011




Well, not quite, but you know, I’m taking opportunities a bit more when they arise. Had a lovely week this week, really tiring but really enjoyable. Starting off with a bit of football last sunday- I’ve probably only played a handful of times since 1990 so it was lucky for me there were only 5 of us, then monday met up with a great photographer from the Valleys, Naomi Calvert. It was really interesting to talk to her about her experiences, especially as she’s 8 or 9 years younger than I am. She started at an early age and she’s done so much. she’s so generous and easy to talk to… great person, and I’m borrowing/ buying a ring flash adapter from her which is something I’ve always wanted to have. I left her swanky new place to play badminton where I got a bit battered and very tired, then Tuesday I went to Maidstone with my friend Emma to see a friend. Had a lovely time, so nice to catch up after so long and really nice to get away from Cardiff and the part time job. I also got the chance to take a couple of photos while I was there, after I’d made sure everyone had had a couple of drinks.

The photos weren’t quite what I was going for – room was a bit tighter than previous attempts with other friends so different positions had to be adopted-  and the subjects weren’t the only people to have had a few drinks (well I was on holiday!) but actually, I really like them.

These were all taken with one Canon 580EX II off camera and have been processed/ edited individually, according to how I think the shots feel.

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